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Texas Scramble Tips

11 February 2019

Texas scramble is one of the most fun golf games to play. It is usually played in teams of 3. Each team member plays a shot, and then it is up to the team to decide which shot is in the best position. Once the best position is decided each player then plays their next shot from that position. You need to make sure the position is marked before the first player hits, and then each person drops their ball to play. This process is continued until one of the players holes out with the stroke score being recorded.

In Texas Scramble the teams handicap is worked out by adding all the players individual handicaps together and then taking 10% if the team has 3 players or 5% if it has 4.

Generally you have to choose to take 5 tee shots from each player during the round. This leaves 3 spare where you can choose anyone's. This certainly adds a bit of extra pressure towards the end of the round and you have a number of tee shots left to take.

I've played quite a few Texas Scramble competitions and here are my tips for doing well in this type of competition.

1, Lower handicap teams do better

Every time I have played Texas Scramble it has been a team that is mostly made up with lower handicap players that has won. The 10% handicap allowance that a team of 3 gets isn't very much. A low handicap team is quite likely to have a birdie opportunity at every hole as they have 3 goes at hitting a fairway in regulation and 3 attempts at hitting a green.

If you have the choice, always go for the team with the lower handicap players.

2, Let high handicap players tee off first

In Texas Scramble you need to take 5 tee shots from each player so there is always pressure to hit good tee shots - unless the team has already taken all 5 of yours! I've found it puts less pressure on the high handicap players if you let them tee off first out of the group. They seem to take a much more relaxed swing at the ball as they know that if it's a bad shot there is still a low handicap player to come who'll probably hit a good shot.

If the low handicap player goes first and hits a bad shot - this only increases the pressure on the high handicap player meaning they are also less likely to hit a bad shot.

3, Let the high handicap players putt first

It's quite likely that the low handicap players are better putters. By letting the high handicap golfers putt first in Texas Scramble you are giving the better putter more information they can use such as line and pace.

4, Play aggressively

You have 3 chances of making each shot, so you might as well go for it. On a par 5 rather than laying up get your 3 wood out and give it a wack. You need to get birdies to win a Texas Scramble competition so you might as well have a go at it! If you want to play safe, let the first member of the group lay up and get his shot safe, then the other two players can really go for it.

5, Always mark those short putts!

No matter how short the final putt is to finish the hole, make sure you mark it! You do not want to be the one who costs your team the trophy because you missed a two foot putt and didn't mark it!

Remember if you do not mark the place of your ball before you play it, then your playing partners miss their turns once the ball has been hit.

What are your tips for playing Texas Scramble?